Oct 4, 2017

Why should you choose WordPress over HTML

Why Do you need a Website for your Business?

 If you are a business owner, and wish to expand your reach, a well organized website is all you need. It is estimated that there are approximately 3.9 Billion Internet users (as of June 2017) all over the World. You can reach out to literally Billions of people with the help of a website. If that’s not enough reason to get your business a website, I don’t know what could be. 
Websites for Business

How to create a Website?

Now that you have realized the importance of having a website for your business, the next question that you might have is, whether to build your website using WordPress or static HTML? In this article, we will try to help you make that decision by presenting to you various facts and figures with respect to both WordPress and Static HTML websites.
But first, we will start by understanding both WordPress and Static HTML websites from a Technical point of view.

What is a Static HTML website? 

HTML Coding
HTML Codes- Never easy for all
HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language used to build web pages. A website is nothing but a collection of multiple web pages built using HTML. Hyperlinks (or just links) are used to navigate from one page to another. It is used with CSS (for design and beautification) and JavaScript (to make the website Interactive). Although the use of CSS and JavaScript isn’t mandatory, websites built in HTML alone look just like Text  Documents. Therefore, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used together to create Static HTML websites.

What is a WordPress Website?

WodPress Themes
WordPress Themes- 1 Click to Install
WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to create and manage your Website or blogs with the help of a user friendly interface. WordPress is based on PHP, which is a scripting language. In order to create a WordPress website, you just have to install WordPress on your server, and login to the admin area. The admin area allows you access to a new world of possibilities with respect to rapid website development, without writing a single line of code.
Now that you know what each one is let us start discussing their Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages of Using Wordpress

1. Easy to Create and Update

It is very easy to create and update your websites using WordPress admin panel. The panel gives you access to a User Interface which you can use to add new content or modify existing content of your website. You can even use it to change your website’s theme or to add/remove plugins.

2. Thousands of Ready to Use Themes

WordPress has a huge collection of Ready to Use themes, created by highly skilled professional developers. All you have to do, is install a theme of your choice, and then customize its appearance or add/remove content based on your requirement.

3. Powerful Plugins

You can find thousands of plugins for use on your WordPress website. They can be used to add different functionalities like contact form, email capture, flexbox for images, videos etc to your website.

4. Mobile Friendly

Most of the WordPress themes available today are Mobile responsive, which means that your website will be easy to access on devices of all screen sizes. This will increase your website’s reach and it’s also helpful in ranking your website on google.

5. Built in Backend and Security

Another feature of WordPress that makes it so famous is the fact that you don't have to worry about backend technology and security related issues. Everything is built in. You just have to customize it as per your needs using plugins and themes.

6. Cost effectiveness

For small businesses looking to get online without spending too much money, WordPress is the best option. Building a website from scratch can cost a lot of money to design and develop.

Disadvantages of using WordPress

  1. The user interface of WordPress can look very intimidating at the beginning, But that’s the case with almost any software you aren’t acquainted with.
  2. The amount of customization possible will depend on the theme that you are using. Most themes try to offer a lot of options, but it does require a bit of technical knowledge to customize them efficiently.
Why WordPress for Doctors

Advantages of Static HTML Website

1. Full control over Design and Development

Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript allows you to create a Static HTML website from absolute scratch. Which means you have full control over the look and feel of your website. You can basically build each and every Page of the website the way you want it.

2. Faster loading times

A static HTML website is faster to load on slow internet connections. Since a static HTML website is built using basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it is light weight.

Disadvantages of Static HTML Website

1. Professional Website Developer is needed.

Developing static HTML websites is not a simple task, it requires you to hire a professional Website developer. Such developers need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a good enough website for you.

2. Very Expensive to Develop

Since the development of HTML website requires professional website developers it can cost a lot of money. It is not possible for small business owners to spend that much money on their website.

3. Even the Simplest tasks require professionals

If you wish to add a page to your website or just modify some basic text, you have to hire a professional to do it for you, which will again cost you a lot for simple changes.

What is the Ideal choice for Dental Professionals?


As you have already read above, static HTML website development requires technical knowledge and expertise, which are alien to a dental professional. Hiring web developers can cost a lot of money, while learning such technologies can take months or even years. Spending that much time just to develop a website for your business is not recommended. Hence it is best to get a Wordpress website for Dental Professionals. It is both cost effective, easy to update, and does not require extensive knowledge of coding and web development.


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